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ANZAC Day Registration

Use the form below to register yourself or someone who would be participating in the ANZAC Day march in Sydney. Please note below eligibility conditions.

Marching Conditions

You can participate in the march as a veteran or descendant of a Commonwealth or Allied force; Veterans should be clearly identifiable by their campaign medals and should be at the head of each national group.

No medals or awards earned whilst a nation was in conflict with Australia or the Commonwealth shall be worn in the March.Dress should reflect the occasion i.e. traditional/national costume or dress (including headdress) is not appropriate.

Displays of foreign national flags are restricted to one per group. No flag of a nation that was used when that nation was in conflict with the Commonwealth or Australia is permitted to be displayed. Display of historical flags or ensigns of countries that no longer exist is inappropriate.Banners are restricted to one per group and are not to contain any political slogans. The display of photos or other memorabilia is not permitted.

Registration Form

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