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Panjabi Language

Punjabi as a Language is mostly learnt by children born or bought up in Australia due to the fact that it is spoken at home. However, this is not always the case and in order to save the Punjabi Language… Read More »Panjabi Language

What is Sikhi

Sikhi also known as Sikhism is a way of life; a disciplined mode of life coupled with a belief in the unity of one God, the equality of all mankind, faith in the Guru’s word and love for all. The… Read More »What is Sikhi

Wearing a Kirpan

Wearing the ‘Kirpan’ is an essential part of the Sikh Code of Conduct. Sikh Community around the world is facing the challenge from the Governments of their respective home countries to allow them to wear ‘Kirpan’. In Australia the case… Read More »Wearing a Kirpan