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Sikh chaplaincy plays a vital role in providing spiritual and pastoral care to Sikh individuals in various settings. Representatives of National Sikh Council of Australia have been providing the program support to Australian Defence Force. Mr Ajmer Singh Gill, was the first NSCA representative to the Religious Advisory Committee to Services (RACS) however he had to step down due to health issues.

Sardar Amarinder Singh Bajwa now sits on the Religious Advisory Committee to the services providing much needed inputs to ADF and supporting the Sikhs in the Australian Defence Forces. The significance of the chaplains is greater, addressing the cultural and religious sensitivity needs of the Sikhs in the forces. Chaplains provide the emotional, cultural, religious and pastoral care during the challenging times.

The ADF chaplaincy program is active and we are looking for Sikh chaplains to be recruited to the ADF. If you can meet the required criteria, meet the ADF requirements and the psychological assessments, you can join ADF as a career chaplain.

for more information please visit the ADF site

Or you can get in touch with us for more information.