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Sikhs in Anzac Parade

A Sikh contingent comprising of the Sikh veterans, descendants of the service men and women that fought in the defence forces have been participating in the Anzac parade in Sydney since 2008 under the banner of National Sikh Council of Australia.

NSCA partnered with RSL NSW to highlight the contributions of Sikhs in various wars.

Since 2008, the National Sikh Council of Australia has been coordinating the involvement of Sikh soldiers in the ANZAC Day March annually, commemorating the valor of Sikh soldiers under the theme ‘Sikhs in WWI & WWII’.

On this day, we express our gratitude to the Sikh servicemen and women who, answering the call of duty, enlisted themselves and made the ultimate sacrifice to secure our freedom. Individuals currently serving in the Armed forces, veterans and their descendants, meet the eligibility criteria to participate in the ANZAC Day March. Additionally, parents visiting their children in Australia, who have previously served in the Armed forces in India or other nations, are also welcome to march on ANZAC Day under our banner, and we actively encourage their participation.

The march is broadcasted live on the national media ABC every year on Anzac Day.

To participate in the parade you need to be either a veteran or descendant; contact us to register your interest.

See some photos and videos below: